Strings and Crumbs

IMG_2378 sm name.jpg

It all started when…

I realized I had so many very small fabric pieces that are commonly called "strings" (long skinny pieces) and "crumbs" (very small or odd shaped pieces that are hard to use in other quilts or if trimmed up won't have much left to use).

I also found myself studiously avoiding using these bags I had until I started focusing on them. And so I determined to try to work on these projects on the weekends.  I wanted to give this project at least one good sewing session if at all possible.  Now for many quilters, their weekends are when they get most of their sewing in, but my weekends sometimes are very busy and I have less time.

Here are my finished or "under construction" crumbs and strings quilts.

I am working on the patterns for these. If the pattern exists, it will pop up if you click on the picture of the quilt. If not, just wait. I'll be working on it in the near future!

Crumbs Quilts


Strings Quilts