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Charity quilts ABC

A - Anyone can help!

Some of you would like to help with charity quilts. Some of you love to piece but making your tops into a quilt is too much for you right now. Either it's too expensive, or too heavy, or just no fun, whatsoever!

If you would like to help us out with charity quilt TOPS, we will gladly take them.

B - Begin here

Here is a full blog post with the information needed

C - "Cliff's Notes" version of that blog post:

I can use these sizes of tops most easily:

European Single - 60"x80-85" +/- 3"

Full/Double - 80"x82" - up to about 90"x95"

Fabric requirements/colors - no special fabrics needed - just no "holey" fabrics like eyelet or sheers without something underneath it. More on what people like in the blog post mentioned above.

D - Do it!

If you send your tops to my sis in FL, she will get them to me here in Poland:

Rachael Woodard

P.O. Box 1116

Dade City, FL 33526

Thank you so much for being interested!