A Heartland Album by Kathy Delaney

A Heartland Album by Kathy Delaney

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A Heartland Album: More Techniques in Hand Applique

Synopsis from Publisher:

Kathy Delaney, author of the best-selling Hearts & Flowers : Hand Applique from Start to Finish, shares more of her knowledge of art and quilting in A Heartland Album : More Techniques in Hand Applique. Kathy will put you at ease with her philosophy that, "Applique is painting with fabric," and that fun is a highly important part of quilting. In this book, she again makes applique techniques easier by guiding you through them step by step. Kathy presents her beautiful new designs in her Prairie Album quilt and encourages you to use your imagination to make this quilt your own.

  • ISBN:  0972273972

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