Quilting with Carol Armstrong

Quilting with Carol Armstrong

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Synopsis from Publisher:

Carol Armstrong presents a fresh look at quiltmaking! Use quilting lines, rather than pieced blocks, to define familiar patterns such as Bow Tie and Grandmother's Fan, then add stitchery or other embellishments. Choose your favorite pattern and let's get started! 16 irresistible quilt projects, complete with applique designs and quilting patterns; Embellish with your choice of hand applique, silk ribbon embroidery, redwork, paint, stencils, stamps, and more - whatever strikes your fancy; Carol's technique is easy to learn and fun to do. Watch out - it may just be addictive!

  • ISBN: 157120170x

  • USED: Very Good Condition

  • C&T Publishing, Inc.

  • Copyright 2001, Carol Armstrong

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