Gooseberry Patch Christmas - Book 3

Gooseberry Patch Christmas - Book 3

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From the Publisher:

This is the latest volume from Gooseberry Patch, the "Country Store in Your Mailbox" mail order company that has provided the best in country home products and publications since 1884. Craft a happy, homespun holiday with over 65 old-fashioned recipes and crafts featured in the book. This charming edition is filled with a wide variety of heart-warming decorating and gift ideas, plus dozens of yummy recipes for Yuletide gatherings, family homecomings, gifts from the kitchen, and irresistible treats. With all the step-by-step, never-fail instructions, delicious recipes, and handy crafting tips, this book makes a perfect guide to sharing all the pleasures of a country Christmas!

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  • ISBN: 1574862189
  • USED: Very Good Condition
  • Gooseberry Patch
  • Copyright 2001
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