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Big Fabric Haul

In July, 2019 we drove to southern Poland to buy a bunch of fabric and notions that I had seen on our local auction site, Allegro.

It was leftovers from a business some people had had which was mostly making clothing

The fabric we bought was not necessarily typical “quilting fabric” but I wanted to get it anyway. I thought it was a good deal and it would stretch me to try to use it UP in charity quilts in the next 2 years. Yes! That is my goal. By the end of 2021 I’d like to use it all up in charity quilts, mostly, but if I need to for other things, then that’s okay too. My point is, I’d like to use it up!

I thought I’d use this page to keep myself accountable and to show you what I’ve done with what I got.

But how to get there? How to get this stuff all used up?

There is a variety of fabrics and a lot of thread. I probably can not use up the thread in this amount of time, though I will give it a go.

I thought - why not make it a goal to make at least one top a week out of at least some of this fabric and let you see what I did. I will do my best to USE UP 1 or 2 pieces of fabric from this collection each week. I will try to use up 4 minimum a month - better if I can make it 8. That way I will use this fabric UP. I don’t want it just sitting at the church building.

I thought the easiest way for me to show you is to give you a picture of the fabric along with how much I had (if I remember to notice or measure) and then show you the top/quilts I make with it. I’ll try to go month by month as week by week might be too much for me to keep up with.

So here goes:

1. Black poplin - I had 5 meters of this 60” wide solid black poplin - all cotton from what I could tell - no fabric content on the tag. It was gone by July 20, 2019 The 35 probably meant 35 zl - though I’m not sure - maybe what they paid for it. I’ve got to pick up my pace. This had a really nice feel to it. Very crisp!

July 2019

I made these tops using this black poplin fabric:
At this point, I am now starting to think about using up the browns and other blacks/grays in the pile. Most of them are sportswear weight.

I’ve decided the easiest way is just to show you pictures as I finish the tops.

I’ll put a gallery here and put them in order of my completion of the tops. As I finish the tops into quilts, I will come and replace the pictures of the tops with a finished quilt. This will keep this page up to date and hopefully interesting.

At first I wanted to document each piece of fabric. That became too tedious too fast. It works as long as I only use one fabric in each top, but when I started using multiple fabrics in one top - it was too complicated to worry about.

These are all in the plans to be charity quilts! Polish people love brown, so I expect them to be hits!

The very first one I actually quilted was #11. At that point I saw that I needed more quilting - that this fantastic sportswear fabric just needed more than what I did. Of course, it also could have been the batting as I was using up batting from the haul as well. It shrank at a weird rate, so I figured I should just have more quilting. So after that first one, I made sure to quilt more.
And that’s where I am so far! I have used up a few of the smaller spools of thread (1000 meters)