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All Florida Shop Hop

Did you know that Quilted Twins participated in the All Florida Shop Hop? The All Florida Shop Hop was a continuously moving line of trail-blazing quilters travelling throughout Florida looking for participating quilt shops so that they can collect their elusive quilt squares, in an exhausting quest to collect 60 squares, fill out their passports and win some sort of prize.

Quilted Twins gave away many gifts, including a single $500 shopping spree plus several $100 shopping sprees.

Featured Products

We have made up several projects designed with the 2023 All Florida Shop Hoppers entirely in mind!

First is our Florida Centerpiece Quilt! This beauty features the Florida panel in the middle with the tomato and seagrass fabrics featured around it!
We are selling these kits HERE for just $88.

Get this quilt kit ordered!  It was shown at the Kumquat festival, and we were told that at least 100 people offered to buy that quilt!

See our 8.5 by 8.5 inch squares!

Check out our all shop hop t-shirt!
Second is our Charm Lap Quilt! This takes fabric from our Florida collection into a bunch of mosaic squares giving the feel of water waves over a sand bank.

Our Third project is another quilt.

This time we call it Florida Scrapbook. It features the look of a scrapbook, with articles around the picture, with the picture being the centrally located map! It is just $99 for this 73" x 79" quilt.

Get it HERE: