2” Strips Project


It all started when…

In the summer of 2015 when I got frustrated with having garbage bag sized bags of 2" and 2.5" strips in my bedroom.  That may be bad enough but I wasn't using the 2" strips at all. Ever. I used the 2.5" ones up regularly for binding charity quilts I made - but never did I even touch the smaller sized strips.

I decided that enough was enough! I began working on this 2" strips project.

In 2015 I began with just a couple of quilt tops and then my dad passed away in July.  After I made a trip to the states, I am sure that I took out a lot of my grief in this project as I worked like a mad woman. I finished up 21 tops this year and used up one of the two garbage bags of strips. I worked the second bag down to about half a bag (120 liter sized bags).

Here are the quilts I’ve made with primarily 2” strips in the order that I made them.





2019 - ongoing