100% "upcycled materials" quilts

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Use upcycled/recycled fabric for quilts?

Of course!

I wrote a quite extensive blog post about what I'm doing here.


This is an ongoing project, so check back from time to time for more updated pictures and information.


It all started back in the fall of 2013 when I was talking with a Polish friend of mine. She told me, "Becky, you can make beautiful quilts because you have all that beautiful fabric from the USA."

I started to object, thinking that it wasn't necessarily true.

Then, I thought, "Becky, you are blessed - it is true- it IS easier to make a beautiful quilt from beautiful fabrics...what could I do if I didn't have or couldn't afford beautiful fabrics - could I STILL make beautiful quilts?"

In fact, I started considering the challenge - to make attractive, interesting, even beautiful quilts from ordinary, run-of-the-mill fabrics I could find around here or anywhere, actually, but they had to be second-hand.  

At that point, I challenged myself to begin making a minimum of 5 quilts a year from completely recycled/upcycled fabrics - fabric that started out as clothing or curtains or bedding or fabric that I found at thrift stores or second-hand shops.  

And thus, this project began.

Oh, I know, I know, there are lots of "shirts" quilts out there. There are whole books that show you how to make quilts from men's shirts, especially. (Note: not counting t-shirt quilts - they are not what I was talking about.) But I wanted something DIFFERENT!  I didn't want someone to be able to look at it and automatically say, 'You made it from men's shirts."

I started out simple.  

I didn't actually finish any in 2013, but started on these which I did finish in early 2014.